Challenging to Serene – MV Nautical Environs

Six additional images from our recent visit to Martha’s¬†Vineyard







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Martha’s Vineyard, (Two) – Magnificent Summer Cottages in Oak Bluffs


These colorful unique cottages date back to the late nineteenth century within a community of picket fences, pocket parks, and even an outdoor tabernacle. They are found in an intriguing area of shaded narrow streets and pathways ideal for walking.



In addition to pondering the value of being a house painter in Oak Bluffs, one would be a bit envious of those who choose to rent here; close to shops, restaurants, waterfront parks and the harbor.

Read more on Wikipedia, here.

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Martha’s Vineyard – Gay Head (Aquinnah) Lighthouse

This past week we visited Martha’s Vineyard, a quaint, picturesque island just off the southern coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts¬†

Overlooking the Gay Head Cliffs, the original lighthouse (circa 1799) was modified several times to LOWER the light as to render it more visible underneath frequent fog. The current brick version dates back to 1855 and was moved a short distance away from the eroding cliffs in 2015.


Above: The view from atop the lighthouse.


The beach at the base of the sacred cliff is open to hiking, but protected under modern land treaties of the original Wampanoug tribe, ancestors of whom date back over ten thousand years.

A few more photo highlights of our ~48 hour visit will be posted shortly.

Credits: Wikipedia, The National Park Service, and Wampanoug Tribe info panels.

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9/11: Fifteen Years Later… We’ll Never Forget

Shortly after the first plane struck the North Tower, my daughter called to ask if I had heard the news that a small plane had crashed into New York’s World Trade Center, tower #1. Her ‘heads up’¬†was early and sketchy, and not too alarming, …as these things happen, rarely, but occasionally. Soon however, I was enveloped in what seemed like a nightmare fantasy – grappling with my¬†emotions and becoming increasingly stressed and overwhelmed as reports and images from the TV were now almost too¬†surreal to comprehend.

Below are some photos captured from that day and a week later, as the impact and aftermath  of 9/11/01 changed our world forever.


I recall practically gasping for air as I watched it all unfold on the TV. ¬†Commentators themselves were grasping for threads of understanding, ¬†reporting on near¬†simultaneous¬†events in Washington DC and Pennsylvania. As the onslaught continued I thought:¬†When will it end? Where is this all going?¬† And “What’s that? A truck filled with explosives heading for the George Washington Bridge????” No,¬†that¬†unfounded report was NOT ¬†true….but what¬†was¬†next?¬†


Later afternoon, from an vantage point in New Jersey, about 20 miles NE, the panic and fear was giving way to quiet disbelief and sorrow.


Returning from the overlook, the quiet was palatable Р the communities slowely absorbing the magnitude of this insidious act of terror.  Contemplative silence underscored the juxtaposition of this otherwise beautifully clear day. 


9/18/01, 11:31 PM a week later, …a consoling couple silently contemplates the¬†aftermath as the searching for victims continues, as seen from Jersey City across the Hudson River.


The skeletal remains of Tower #2 is seen fragilely standing, surrounded by dark shattered buildings, cranes, and hundreds of the tireless first and second responders in the rubble below.


Summer, 2016

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Lucy, the Inhabitable Elephant – Margate City, NJ

DSC_0548DSC_0567DSC_0549DSC_0578DSC_0580DSC_0550Recently, we¬†climbed up the leg of this 65′ (20m) landmark to its surprisingly roomy¬†interior, built in 1881 as a real estate promotion on the beach. ¬†“Lucy” is located¬†a few miles SW of Atlantic City, as seen from the “howdah” on top.¬†¬†Refurbished some years ago, it is both¬†remarkable, and ….silly – but worth the visit.¬†

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A Great Cosmic Clock – Perseid Meteor Shower


The Perseid meteor shower occurs around August 12th every year.          EVERY YEAR.

DSC_0863 - Version 5

Above,¬†a so so “capture” from the NJ Pinelands of a Perseid meteor last year ¬†(8/13/15 – 18mm ISO 4000, 15″, f/4, enlarged)

¬†This morning, while watching for and seeing¬†a few¬†impressive Perseid meteors, I tried thinking¬†of the first time I ever saw a meteor. My memory brought me back to a family vacation¬†in¬†Barnegat Light, New Jersey – a rental property near the beach with a flat roof accessible by outside stairs. ¬†Years later, while scanning old B&W pictures, I failed to¬†establish an¬†accurate date for that particulal week, but at 4:30 AM this morning, out there in the night, ¬†I¬†recalled as a young boy¬†being “scared” at the frequent fast moving streaks in the dark sky during that vacation. Dad was¬†introducing¬†my brother and me¬†to ‘meteors.’¬†

I pondered that¬†memory and ¬†the timely annual recurrence of meteor showers… and ¬†realized (as an aside,) that I finally had an accurate date frame for that early Jersey Shore vacation! All in all pretty insignificant, but…how¬†neat!

1953.07.00 128 Curt, in Barnegat Light, date appro

Above, Dad on the roof Р town of Barnegat Light, NJ.

Below, my older brother and me on the beach, with Barnegat Lighthouse beyond.

1953.07.00 134 Barnegat Light Summer Vacation - Version 2


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Monster at Frogg Falls Railroad

DSC_0555 - Version 2

DSC_0548DSC_0654DSC_0643DSC_0550DSC_0660DSC_0637DSC_0675DSC_0620 - Version 2Located in NW New Jersey, Frogg Falls Railroad is the dream and inspiration of our lifelong friends, who have transformed a part of their property to a magical, fully functional garden railroad, complete with a wide assortment of “rolling stock,” ¬†handmade scale structures complemented by remarkable “to scale” living landscaping, ¬†and a Koi¬†and frog populated pond with¬†waterfalls.

Thomas the Train is worried at the sudden presence of Izzy the giant little dog! 

Happy Birthday, R! 

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