Breaking News Release: Two Young Women Arrested in Park

35.112      6-10-79     Ramsey     Dance Recital, Holly, Michele, Tricia, Andrea (16)_edited-1 - Version 2

Last night, police, acting on a tip, arrested two suspicious young women in the the park. “Boom Boom S——,” and “Wiggle Wiggle H—–,” were obviously taken by surprise on a raid conducted moments after a tipster, only identified as one of the perpetrator’s sisters, alerted authorities of unusual activity in the park. The pair were released after being charged with impersonating broccoli. They promised never to do it again.

A retrospect inspired some years ago by my 4 year old daughter; and best friend at dance school. Neither grew up to become either dance stars, …or green vegetables. 

Thanks for viewing, and comments are always welcomed. M 🙂


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3 Responses to Breaking News Release: Two Young Women Arrested in Park

  1. disperser says:

    Not sure this will score you any Daddy Points . . . might even lose a few.

    . . . and yes, it is funny and clever writing.

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  2. Maggie Beck says:

    These are the moments that make a good life, M. Lovely photo!

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