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1920 Ford Model T Touring Car – Grandpa’s First?

  ABOVE: My grandfather was the photographer, likely in the fall of 1921 near Suffern, New York, as he took his family out for a Sunday drive. That morning started closer to home in Guttenberg, NJ, as seen in the lower picture. … Continue reading

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1958 Thunderbird – This Guy’s First Car

Seventeen came with the privilege to drive –  a legal license for  liberation, freedom, wondrous opportunities to explore with friends or a date, and a major lifestyle advantage. But it would take 20 months before I would actually buy my very own car, … Continue reading

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Lighthouse and Lamp Post – 12 Years Ago today, Sodus Point, N.Y.

At times in my career, I traveled often. But “downtime” on the road sometimes led to interesting places. These two images are from May 20, 2003, Sodus Point, near Rochester, New York, on Lake Ontario. Thanks for viewing, and as usual, questions or … Continue reading

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A Night To Remember: Driving Through a Winter Snowstorm

        January 22, 1965, 8:30 PM.  I was all of 18 years old and casually asked my father if I could borrow the car to go to the “bridge.”  He was okay with that, as the GWB was only about 12 miles away; but would … Continue reading

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Automotive Perfection – The Jaguar XKE

This Post Contains Six Images Sandy Paws and I agree: its simple, perfectly sculptured curves make this arguably THE most stylistically beautiful production-car ever built. We had the privilege of absorbing the awesomeness of several of these classics at the … Continue reading

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