Ahh, the Ponte de Rialto on Canal Grande in Venice, Italy and …Seaside Heights, N.J.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey – May, 2014

Venice, Italy РApril, 2011 

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Things that Go Around, Come Around!

If you were to compare almost anything from ~100 years ago to today’s version, it¬† would probably be very¬†different, ¬†like…phones. But not everything!¬†


Grandpa’s wheel, 1921 ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Debbie’s wheel, 2017 ¬† ¬† ¬†

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The Hudson River, Presidents, and Ghosts

A while back I pondered the source of the Hudson River, coursing 315 miles from the slopes of Mt. Marcy, (the highest peak in the Adirondacks of New York State,) to the southern tip of Manhattan. So I went there!

At 5,348 ft (1,629m) Mt. Marcy and other mountains of the High Peaks Region shed snow melt and rainwater via¬†thousands of trickling rivulets, forming creeks and streams that feed¬†Henderson Lake, 7.5 miles (12 km)¬†ESE of Marcy’s summit.

ABOVE: A portion of pristine Henderson Lake, of which its out-flow is considered the named start of the Hudson River. Folklore cites a small glacial pond, “Tear of the Clouds” (about 7 miles to the ENE, and higher up on the southern slopes of Mt. Marcy,) as the source of the river, spurring a debate based on “longest length,” vs. “highest elevation” as¬†relevent¬†to proper¬†naming.

¬†Immediately¬†coming out of Henderson Lake, this¬†stream¬†is officially the first water known as the “Hudson River,” seen from the first bridge. A¬†hiking trail¬†to the High Peaks starts here.¬†

Just south, the Mac Naughton Cottage, is one of a dozen or so abandoned buildings on the west bank of the “Hudson River.”

In¬†1827, a mining operation was begun here. Although certainly not a concern at the time, it¬†arguably affected the¬†downstream quality¬†of the¬†river. ¬†(Subsequent pollution sources, such as PCB’s far out-weighed the environmental impact¬†in later years but nonetheless, this operation was large, and spewed mountains of slag and tailings which are still prominent¬†today.) ¬†The initial venture closed in 1857 due to transportation costs and….mysterious impurities in the iron ore.¬†Many years later,¬†MacIntyre Mine as it became known, was obtained¬†by NL Industries, and before closing permanentaly in 1982 produced over 40¬†million tons of titanium ¬†…the strange impurity in the iron ore. ¬†See¬†here¬†for more information. 1982 would mark the end of mining¬†activity¬†leaving behind the Tahawus Ghost Town¬†.

Slightly over 300 miles to the south, the George Washington Bridge is the last span over the Hudson River, as seen in the header image. 

An interesting side note from this area is depicted on the nearby signage shown below. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt was vacationing¬†at the above cottage in 1901. He was advised while hiking on Mt. Marcy, that the current President, William McKinley, had taken a turn for the worst after an assassination attempt the week before in Buffalo, several¬†hundred miles away.¬†Determined to get to the President’s bedside as soon as possible, Roosevelt¬†and a driver risked¬†treacherous¬†and frightening overnight conditions¬†on a horse drawn¬†buckboard to the nearest railroad connection in North Creek six¬†or seven¬†hours away. ¬†During this time, at 2:15 AM, President William McKinley succumbed, as¬†Roosevelt was still negotiating the dark, back country terrain. Contrary to the wording on the sign and elsewhere, he would be sworn in as the¬†26th President of the United States later that day in Buffalo.¬†

Note: At the time of my visit I shot these photographs on film.  Thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome. M :-

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Looking Up Perspective!


No, this is not a thesaurus. ¬† It’s just a perspective!¬†

Wednesday was an unusually cold day for March 22nd, but brilliantly clear as a chance intersection was happening¬†overhead. Around 4500′ (2480 m,) the United¬† jet¬†was on a base leg approaching Newark Airport while¬†the two high altitude planes were cruising SW, ¬†likely near 30,000 ft. (16,500 m.)¬†

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The Good, The Bad and the Frightened! FOXTROT TANGLE?

This week saw my neighbor’s fenced-in yard as a snowy overnight sanctuary for¬†a small herd of deer. ¬†

Status Quo! Content between walking around, relaxing and sleeping. 

One deer always remained outside the sanctuary, all night and morning, almost as a guard. They remained until early afternoon each day before hopping over the fence for their daily parade for food through the back-woods.

Yesterday, things were dramatically different! All the deer were gone, replaced by “Foxtrot Tangle!”

But was it the nearby Gray Squirrel who REALLY felt threatened?

First reaction: hide head in snow!

“Ohhhh! He still sees me!”

“I’ll just hide here on the other side of the tree!”

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. In time frame, this is exactly as it happened, except the deer images were taken one day prior. ¬†But on this actual day, the deer were there an hour before I noticed their¬†absence, replaced by the fox. The fox` and the squirrel (outside the fenced area,) ¬†were¬†photographed in quick succession actually looking towards each other, at a distance of about 25 yards.¬†

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Shooting Venus – March 11, 2017

Venus is currently a crescent phase, as it swings quickly along its orbit between Earth and the sun. 

Nikon D5200 DSLR, cropped (enlarged) from original size (below.) f13, 600mm Tameron (150-600) telephoto, ISO 1250, 1/4000″ Handheld

Original frame of image on top, same capture, at 6:09 PM 3/11/17, 10 minutes after sunset. Venus is in the center. Can you see it??

For comparison, Tri-X film version with EXA 35mm camera, 1/25th sec, through 10″ Newtonian reflector telescope. Taken December 1st, 12:30 PM many years ago, and recently digitally post processed. Being so bright, it¬†can be seen and photographed in the daytime.¬†

Venus has been shinning brightly for the last few months after sunset, but is quickly approaching what is called Inferior Conjunction, as¬†it passes roughly between the Earth and the Sun in 11 days, 3/22/17. The planet¬†will re-emerge as the¬†“morning star” visible a week or two later, rising before sunrise.¬†

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Cat’s Eye: A Decades Old Look-Back

Grappus and Blappus:¬†One was cool and indifferent. The other¬†possessed¬†…and¬†determined¬†to drive our dear old dad insane.

In smiling memory of two wonderfully special cats. 

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