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A Total Eclipse Family Event – 8/21/17

My wife and I (and Sandy Paws, the dog,) journeyed about 750 miles (1200 km) from New Jersey to see and photograph the Total Solar Eclipse last week, meeting up with most of our immediate family for an unforgettable, awesome … Continue reading

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Shooting Venus – March 11, 2017

Venus is currently a crescent phase, as it swings quickly along its orbit between Earth and the sun.  Venus has been shinning brightly for the last few months after sunset, but is quickly approaching what is called Inferior Conjunction, as it passes roughly … Continue reading

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A BIG Perspective on the New Year

           2014, the New Year, starts next Wednesday. A year…. the time it takes Earth to circle the sun.  In these two weeks or so, two other planets will be lined up, stringing out almost in a straight line … Continue reading

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